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The Consumer Complaints Board for Electronic Communications

The Telecom Complaints Board handles complaints from end-users concerning electronic communications services

What is the BKN?

Brukerklagenemnda (BKN), or in English: The Consumer Complaints Board for Electronic Communications, handles civil law disputes between end-users and providers of electronic communications services. Complaints to the Consumer Complaints Board are free of charge for end-users. 

To lodge a complaint with the Consumer Complaints Board a complaint must first have been submitted to the provider. Complaints can be submitted both orally and in writing, however the Consumer Complaints Board recommends that the complaint is sent in writing. 

What cases can BKN handle?

The authority of the Consumer Complaints Board is stated in Section 10-1 of the Ecom Regulations. 
The Consumer Complaints Board handles complaints relating to the following electronic communications services:

  1. Fixed network telephone services
  2. Mobile telephone services
  3. Broadband services
  4. Broadband telephony/IP telephony
  5. Other internet access
  6. Premium rate services

BKN does not handle complaints for: 

  1. Right of cancellation for electronic communications services
  2. Premium rate services for which the issue of complaint arose prior to 1 July 2008.
  3. Broadband TV
  4. Cable TV/digital TV
  5. The limits of the universal services obligation

The contact information for the Consumer Complaints Board is:

Postboks 4594 Nydalen
0404 OSLO.
Telephone: +47 22 09 18 60
Email: post@brukerklagenemnda.no
Web: www.brukerklagenemnda.no