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What does Nkom do?

The Norwegian Communications Authority (Nkom) shall ensure that all operators that provide services within electronic communications in Norway, such as mobile telephony and broadband, have equal opportunity to compete for customers.

Nkom's main responsibilities focus on the following tasks:

  • monitoring compliance with laws, regulations and licence terms
  • keeping a register of and supervising operators within postal and telecommunication services
  • supervising the issuers of qualified electronic certificates
  • supervising undertakings that register domain names under Norwegian country code top-level domains
  • preparing regulations
  • administration of authorisation schemes
  • responsibility for type approval
  • market surveillance of telecommunications equipment
  • responsibility for telecommunications standardisation
  • responsibility for administration of radio frequencies
  • responsibility for number management 
  • contributing to increased telecommunications preparedness and security
  • taking part in international work
  • advising the Ministry of Transport and Communications