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Would you like to start receiving invoices electronically?

The Norwegian Communications Authority (Nkom) uses the new standard format for the public sector "EHF" (electronic trade format), which makes it very easy to send and receive electronic invoices.

What is an electronic invoice?

  • Electronic invoices and credit notes are data files in a standard format that are sent to the recipient. 
  • EHF is the standard format in the public sector in Norway. 
  • The contents of the format meet the requirements laid down in the Norwegian Accounting Act. 
  • Invoices and credit notes are not PDF files.

Why receive invoices electronically?

  • Electronic transmission and receipt of invoices and credit notes is good for the environment by doing away with unnecessary printed documents and the need to transport physical documents. 
  • Non-manual handling of documents saves time and resources. 
  • Using the standard EHF format, all operators send and receive documents in the same way, so the flow of documents runs more smoothly, and verification and checking of documents is simpler. 
  • Documents are exchanged via an "access point", which makes transfer much easier. Both the issuer of the document and the recipient know that the documents will not get lost in transit and that they only need to go to one place to deliver and collect all their documents.

How can we get started with electronic invoicing?

In order to be able to receive electronic invoices from Nkom, you must have an ERP system that can receive and process invoices in EHF format. Then you need to enter into an agreement with an access point provider. Access points convey electronic documents and can be likened to an electronic post office.

Below is an overview of the ERP systems and suppliers who can receive and process EHF (Norwegian only):

Here is a list of the available access points (Norwegian only): 

There is more information on how to get started with receiving EHF documents here: 

For more information about electronic invoicing:

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at kundefaktura@nkom.no.