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Networks Department

The Networks Department's main tasks are to develop and follow-up on national regulations in three areas: Safety and preparedness in electronic communications networks, electronic communications networks and the internet, equipment and installations.

Einar Lunde

Einar Lunde 

The Networks Department monitors management of the duty of confidentiality in the electronic communications sector and safety clearances of personnel in the communications sector. The portfolio also includes regulation of the allocation of internet addresses, domain names, electronic signatures and electronic commerce, and the Department is in charge of the content on the online portals Nettvett.no and Nettfart.no. The Department issues licences for installers in electronic communications networks on behalf of Nkom, and works on universal design of electronic communications services.

Further, the Department is responsible for Nkom's obligations as a national body for postal and telecommunications standardisation.

The Networks Department is organised in three sections.

Assistant Director

The Assistant Director has overall responsibility for monitoring technological developments in electronic communications and ensuring that Nkom in general and the department in particular is equipped to be at the forefront of developments. This involves dialogue with industrial players to promote the development of innovative and future-oriented technology and assessing how the development and application of new services and network technologies will affect the current regulations and Nkom's tasks. In addition, the Assistant Director is the national coordinator within telecommunications standardisation.

The Assistant Director is also part of the department's management team and assists with management support in strategic planning, coordination of the department's academic work across the various specialised sections, and is the deputy for the director of the department.

Bjørn Erik Eskedal

Assistant Director
Bjørn Erik Eskedal

Chief Adviser

The Chief Adviser has an overall responsibility for joint legal processes and for coordination of national and European regulation within the department. The Chief Adviser is part of the department's management team and assists with management support in strategic planning and coordination of work across the different sections and between the departments. The Chief Adviser participates in national and international forums for resource management and technological development of services on the Internet.

Elise Knutssøn Lindeberg

Chief Adviser
Elise Lindeberg


The sections

Section for Regulations, Equipment and Installations

Tor Bringsværd

The section regulates trade in radio and telecommunications terminal equipment and sets technical requirements for electronic communications networks. It ensures that equipment that is placed in the market, electronic communications networks and installations complies with basic requirements to electrical safety, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and effective frequency use, and that the equipment is safe to use.


The section covers a number of areas, including:


  • the development of regulations for radio and telecommunications terminal equipment and supervision of electronic communications networks pursuant to a number of directives: 
  • The Radio and Telecommunications Terminal Directive (Directive 1999/5/EC) 
    • the EMC Directive (Directive 2004/108/EC) 
    • the Low Voltage Directive(Directive 2006/95/EC) 
    • the Maritime Equipment Directive (Directive 96/98/EC)
  • partisipation in relevant EU-commitees and standardisation
  • permits for the use of radio equipment in aircraft and personal emergency beacons
  • issues related to maritime radiocommunications
  • the authorisation of enterprises that perform installations in electronic communications networks 
  • secretariat for telecommunications standardisation
  • universal design 
Head of Section
Tor Bringsverd

Section for Safety and Preparedness 

Rune Kanck

The section focuses on society's need for secure and robust electronic communications networks and services. The section is also in charge of the administration of the duty of confidentiality for operators in the post and telecommunications market, and for safety clearances of personnel in the communications sector.


Among other things, the section's work comprises:


  • supervising providers who have important electronic communications infrastructure
  • securing networks for fixed and mobile services and the internet 
  • joint exercises with providers, and exercises between the electronic communications sector and the energy sector and regional authorities
  • management and allocation of funds over the national budget for security and preparedness purposes
  • processing applications for exemptions from the duty of confidentiality for operators in the post and telecommunications market
  • processing applications for security clearance of personnel in the transport sector 
Head of Section
Rune Kanck 

Section for Electronic Communication and the Internet 

Ørnulf Storm

The Section for Electronic Communications and the Internet is responsible for internet governance and policy, technical and regulatory issues related to public and private electronic communications networks, internet addresses, domain names, electronic signatures, electronic commerce, and the content of the portals Nettvett.no and Nettfart.no.


Among other things, the section's activities comprises:


  • development of electronic communication networks and services of the internet, including net neutrality and security
  • monitoring of the Domain name Regulations
  • responsibility for the national working group for the deployment of IPv6
  • studying future electronic communications networks and service platforms
  • questions about electronic signatures, where Nkom is the regulatory authority 
  • regulation of certificate authorities
Head of Section
Ørnulf Storm 


Frank Stien

With a view to following up the recommendations in the Norwegian National Strategy for Information Security, Nkom is establishing a computer emergency response team (EkomCERT).


EkomCERT will maintain a basic operational level of activity with a focus on coordinating and dealing with cyber attacks. Furthermore, it must have good knowledge of the current vulnerabilities and threats in the sector.


EkomCERT has been fully operational since July 2017.

Head of Section
Frank Stien


Nkom is the Norwegian agency for post and telecommunications standardisation, and the standardisation secretariat performs a number of administrative and coordinating tasks in relation to international standardisation organisations and other Norwegianstandardisation bodies. The secretariat is responsible for conducting consultations on draft telecommunications standards prepared by ETSI and postal standards prepared by CEN. Further, the secretariat votes for Norway during decision process on ETSI standards, postal standards from CEN and recommendations prepared by ITU. The secretariat is to act as a link between Norwegian industry and the standardisation work in ETSI and ITU.