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Torstein Olsen
The Director General is Nkom's top manager. He reports to the Secretary General in the Ministry of Transport and Communications. The Director General shall ensure that the responsibilities that have been delegated to Nkom are always fulfilled in a professional manner in relation to all stakeholders.
Elisabeth Aarsæther
The Deputy Director General is the Director General's permanent deputy. She is in charge of the joint Nkom strategy, and is the primary contact person for the media. The Deputy Director General is the chief editor for all of Nkom's external websites.
John-Eivind Velure
Frequency management includes planning, licensing and monitoring the use of electromagnetic frequencies, and the department's responsibility includes all of these areas and more. In addition, the department have the responsibility to follow-up international obligations in the radio frequency area, primarily within CEPT, ITU and the EU.
Irene Åmot
The Service Markets Department is responsible for the supervision of postal services and electronic communication services. The department gathers all relevant data, analyses the national markets for electronic communications services, identifies providers with significant market positions and imposes special regulatory obligations that are to help alleviate identified competition problems.
Einar Lunde
The Networks Department's main tasks are to develop and follow-up on national regulations in three areas: Safety and preparedness in electronic communications networks, electronic communications networks and the internet, equipment and installations.
Odd Bertil Solheim
The Administrative Department helps Nkom perform its main tasks by providing services such as IT, archive, finances, HR, property management, cafeteria operations and switchboard/reception. The Department is responsible for compliance with the statutes and regulations that apply to public enterprises and Nkom employees.